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Do you thrive to reach the top of your career?
Are you a traveling buff or want to easily get settled in an English speaking country? Do you want to speak English fluently in social and family gatherings? If you are goal-oriented, just join our institute to achieve your goals.Our method proven its effectiveness over forty years, it was able to help more than two million people to achieve their dreams through our unique programs.

Our internationally recognized standards drawn from our institutes’ experiences in Europe, Asia and Africa and South America. Choose one of our courses and watch how the door of opportunity is going to open wide and help you reach your goals.


The Wall Street English Center in KSA is the premium provider of a wide array of language-learning courses to improve both spoken and written English for adults. Using the proprietary and highly effective Wall Street English MultiMethod® blended learning model, the language institute offers programs that are customized to meet the individual needs of each trainee.

These include courses that focus on grammar practice, English proficiency in conversation, or educational achievement, formal and business English.
The English institute caters to a wide range of learners and their needs like learning the language for the first time, or love traveling and going on tours, or want to improve their speaking or writing skills to climb up the career ladder, or are looking to practice in preparation for an English test or exam.

With its first center established in Italy in 1972 by its founder Dr. Luigi Peccenini, Wall Street English is now a recognized global leader in English language training for adults. It has a strong presence in Asia, and operates in over 450 centers in 28 countries worldwide.

Wall Street English Center’s commitment to quality global education has resulted in success of over 2 million students worldwide who learned English from the renowned institute, making it the international brand of choice in English language education for adults.

Celebrating 40 years of Teaching English to the world


Over 450 centers in 28 countries and regions worldwide


Became a subsidiary of Pearson Group, the largest education company in the world


Over 400 centers in 27 countries and regions worldwide


Became a subsidiary of Carlyle Group, USA, one of the top companies in the world


Achieved ISO9001:2000 certification, becoming the first global English Language training organization in the world to receive this top quality recognition


102 centers in 8 countries worldwide


Set up international headquarters in Spain


Founded in Italy by Dr. Luigi Peccenini

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