How much does it cost to learn English?

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When you choose whether or not to spend your money on something, it’s always an important decision. But it’s even more important to consider how you’re spending that money and what you’re getting in exchange for it. This is never more true than when you spend money on learning because what you get in return is of great, lasting significance.. So what is the real cost of learning English?


Think long term

Learning a language like English requires quite a long term investment of your time. And it’s essential that you give yourself a clear objective when you start studying. For example, saying “I’m going to learn English” is vague. What’s your level now? And what level do you want and need to reach? You need to know where you are and where you want to be in order to give yourself a realistic target. It will help you enormously in how you study because you’ll feel you have an obtainable goal and be motivated to continue.

At Wall Street English you buy an objective, not just a series of lessons . We assess your needs and current level and together decide what final level to aim for. The huge benefit of this is that if you need extra time to learn a particular language objective, you don’t pay more. You can repeat and review lessons whenever necessary as part of your path to reach your final goal.


Free options

Nowadays there are a number of free apps and websites available that promise to teach you English. Some of them can certainly seem fun to start with, but they quickly become very limiting. Ask yourself,

  • What do you do when you don’t understand something?
  • How can you really know if you’re able to apply the new language in real life?
  • How can you keep yourself motivated to use the app?
  • What structure is it based on?
  • How can you demonstrate to a future employer what level of English you’ve reached?

Interactive quizzes are definitely fun and useful but as part of a blended method which includes a number of different activities. At Wall Street English, you do a lot of fun exercises online as well as communicative activities in a small class with a teacher and other students. Learning with the support of a school that provides a structured course and program with experienced teachers is priceless.


The high cost of private lessons

Some people think that private lessons are a good alternative to going to a school. Having your own teacher certainly gives you a time to focus on your needs. However, it’s the most expensive option long term, and in most cases your teacher won’t have the kind of structured program that a school offers. You’re limited to lessons on a fixed day and time. Moreover, you miss out on the experience of learning alongside other students, which allows you not only to help each other and compare your progress to theirs, but also to have fun!


Investing in flexibility

Many of us are members of a gym and that usually means paying for one year and having the freedom and flexibility to go whenever you want. At Wall Street English we offer the same level of flexibility but along with a high level of support and guidance. Our course allows you to choose when and how often you study week by week, and that can change according to your availability without you losing anything. You buy a learning objective and we support and guide you to reach that objective. That means that if you’re behind schedule or your study rhythm is a little slow, we help you find a way to catch up.


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