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How You Learn with Wall Street English

Why Choose to Learn with Wall Street English?

Complete Accessibility

  • Achieve your goals with personalized study plans adapted to your English level.
  • Study anytime and anywhere with highly-qualified teachers in centers or online.
  • Complete accessibility, convenience and safety.

Proven Method

  • Unique blend of class-based teaching and guided self-study, unlike traditional English schools or online practice applications.
  • Pedagogically proven method using entertaining learning content aligned to global standards.

Guaranteed Progress

  • We’ve invested in advanced educational technology to combine the freedom to learn online and in-center with personal support from our teachers and coaches.
  • If you follow our method, you will learn. We guarantee it.

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How You Learn with Wall Street English

We’ve developed a fully-integrated and connected English learning experience. Make the most of your time by learning through watching an engaging TV series and completing interactive lessons and digital workbooks.

Book small classes with a highly-qualified teacher where you validate your learning. Get personalized support from our staff and join in social clubs and events in English with like-minded learners.

  1. Watch and Learn
  2. Practice, Pronounce and Speak
  3. Feedback from Your Teacher
  4. Motivation from Your Coach
  5. When and Where You Want

Watch and Learn

Have you tried to watch a series on Netflix in English but had trouble understanding?

  • Learning English is easy with our engaging TV series that’s always at the right level for you. The first step of the learning journey is to start watching our own English series and learn English by following the stories of a group of characters in New York City.
  • Our Interactive Lessons teach you listening and speaking first. After watching our TV sitcom, you then continue to learn with exercises in every lesson that check your understanding of what you’ve watched. You can even join in and record role-play conversations using the language you’ve learnt.

25% of English-speakers have watched the show ‘Friends’ to help them learn English.

Global English Language Report

1 in 4 people in the world speak English” Are you ready to join them?

Say Yes to Learning English

Practice, Pronounce and Speak

Have you tried to learn English in the past but still have problems speaking or getting enough practice?

  • Practice perfect pronunciation, improve your English grammar and get instant feedback with our Interactive Exercises. After watching and learning with our TV series, you can start having English conversations right from day one in our role-play activities with automatic speech recognition.
  • Learn to speak real-world English with highly-qualified teachers in our small classes or custom-made Digital Classroom. After watching and learning you then start to improve your other English skills with our Digital Student Workbooks that give instant feedback to help you read & write English.

Personal Feedback from Your Teacher

Do you want help from a native-level teacher to learn English?

  • Get the feedback and correction you need to improve your English in small group classes. When you are ready and have completed the self study steps you can book a class with our highly-qualified teachers and a maximum of three other learners at exactly the same level.
  • Award-winning educational platform with regular level tests and ongoing assessment to make sure you are successfully learning and on track to achieve your learning goals.
  • Highly-qualified teachers validate and confirm what you’ve learnt. They give you feedback on the English language skills you need to improve and the best guidance for achieving your learning goals

89% of beginner level English learners prioritized speaking English over other skills.

Say Yes to the Most Supportive and Motivating Learning Experience

Speaking English led to an average 18% increase in happiness levels at work and 12% in general life, with happiness levels increasing in line with respondents’ level of English.

Global English Language Report

Motivation from Your Personal Coach

Do you lack motivation when you try to learn English?

  • Our Personal Coaches keep you motivated whether you’re studying from home or in our schools. Like a personal trainer in the gym, they are always available to keep you on track and make sure you progress based on your agreed learning plan.
  • Up-to-the-minute reports on your learning goals. As you progress along our course you can track your learning on your Personal Dashboard so you and your Coach know exactly how you’re progressing.

When and Where You Want

Do you want to learn English but don’t have the time?

  • Effective learning at your own pace with our proven method. The final element of our learning experience is complete flexibility. After our detailed level test you will start at exactly the right level. Completing the self-study activities makes sure that you’re always prepared before you come to class, so your time is never wasted.
  • Start studying when and where you want: Unlike traditional schools you can start learning straight away. There’s no need to wait until the start of the academic year. You can also choose where you want to learn: 100% online, in-center or a mix of both. You can be confident that whichever choice you make, we’ll guarantee your learning.

1,068,062 small group classes offered globally per year to test your knowledge.

Choose to Learn Online, In-Center or Full Access

Choose Where You Want To Study

We have a series of course plans that you can choose from including 100% online, in-center, or a mix of both. You can be confident that wherever you choose to study, we’ll make sure that you make progress and achieve your learning goals.

Find out more about our course plans

Guaranteed Success

you only need to spend 4 hours per week learning english with our proven method to make progress and achieve your goals. Book your class with a teacher when you’re ready and in two weeks you will have completed a whole section of our course.

We are so confident that you will learn English with us that we offer a full money-back guarantee. Are you ready to Say Yes to success?

Real Reviews from Real Students

تجربتي معاكم كانت أروع مماتوقعت وتعاون وتجاوب معالمدربين وجميع أفراد المعهد انا سعيد جدا


يسرني ب اني طالبه في المعهد،وكل التفاصيل بدايةً من القائمين وحتى اصغر التفاصيل ممتاز وشكراً لجهودكم


كانت دراسة ممتعة تعلمت فيها الكثير واستفدت منها الكثير
اشكر الممعلمات والادارة والمشرفين القائمين على وول ستريت واتمنى لهم المزيد من التقدم
وكنت ومازلت انصح جميع من يسألني عن مكان للدراسة اللغة ب وول ستريت

ن. ماهر

يسرني ب اني طالبه في المعهد،وكل التفاصيل بدايةً من القائمين وحتى اصغر التفاصيل ممتاز وشكراً لجهودكم


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