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Tabuk - Assalman - Men

About the training center “Assalman, Tabuk – Men”

With our signature red, white and blue Wall Street English sign on the front of the building, our Tabouk branch offers an unparalleled and unique social experience in learning the English language, evidenced by our always packed parking lot and vibrant consultant offices and reception. Over the years, our guaranteed and internationally recognised English-learning methods have helped many students learn to speak the English language and achieve their life goals.

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Opening Hours

Saturday to Wednesday: 9am to 10pm
Thursday: 9am to 5pm
Friday: weekly holiday

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Our address

Assalman, Tabuk 47911

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In all our centers:


  • modern open design
  • English-speaking environment
  • a team of professional teachers and native English speakers from around the world
  • support for personal mentors
  • convenient schedule
  • Assalman, Tabuk 47911 – Men

    Assalman, Tabuk 47911

  • Free consultation and testing in the “Tabuk Al Faisaliyah – Men” center

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