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We guarantee you will learn English or you will get your money back.

The steps you need to follow every month during your course with us to ensure you learn English

  • Dedicate five hours per week to learn English.
  • Attend three encounter classes.
  • Attend four complementary classes.
  • Attend two social club activities.

Our basic method of Education

  • Customized courses for each student.
  • Flexible hours to learn English and attend classes.
  • No more than 4 students in each class.
  • English speaking environment.
  • Customize your learning experience according to your goals.
  • Measurement of progress according to performance and self-assessment.
  • Fun Social Club Activities.

Our Method

You will learn through bite-sized Interactive Lessons from an entertaining sitcom-style series that you can access anywhere. You will have access to Digital Workbooks that are fun to complete and give you instant feedback on your progress. Practice will include a fun and relaxed environment in the small teacher-led classes. Complementary Classes help you to improve your vocabulary, speaking skills and our centers offer you an immersive experience with Social Clubs to join. Access your personalized dashboard to complete exercises, track progress, and join the global online community anytime. Our method is completely customizable so you can access your personalized study program where you want, when you can.

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