Wall Street English offers customized business English course for people who aspire to reach the top of their career. The course includes three PRO levels: Waystage Pro, Upper Waystage Pro, and Threshold Pro.

These levels have been designed to help you achieve your goals and develop your professional abilities. The global standards of our three PRO levels focus on how to use the language in business situations. The dialogues contain business vocabulary, phrases, expressions and language skills that will help you perform your daily tasks at work effectively. Whatever your job title is in a company, you will find the appropriate level for you.

Our methodology ensures increase in your level of confidence and gradual growth in your skills and abilities with each level you take. These levels have been combined with basic daily and administrative tasks and executive issues. This gives the trainees a deeper understanding of the language and teaches them how to use it inside and out of the office.


In Waystage, students will learn to express themselves in everyday situations to
accomplish basic tasks such as self-introduction and asking for directions. With our
WaystagePro level, students are introduced to basic administrative and managerial skills,
ranging from proper professional phone etiquette to making simple presentations.

At this stage, students can hold a conversation with a good degree of
fluency, read simple books, newspapers, web content, and technical documents, and write
short letters and business reports. With UpperWaystagePro, students are taught skills that
range from handling important calls in the manager’s absence to learning recruiting and
interviewing techniques for managerial staff.

At the Threshold stage, students can converse with a high degree of fluency
and are able to comprehend complex ideas expressed in English. With ThresholdPro, students
are challenged with executive-level complexities ranging from cross-cultural conflict resolution
to discussing a company’s brand and marketing strategy.

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