By learning English the same way as people learn their native language – naturally, the proprietary Wall Street English MultiMethod learning system surrounds you with English that is used in real life situations, and is supported by native and qualified English language trainers. Using this blended learning method students are able to quickly understand English and are able to communicate without translation and memorization.

Our unique teaching method is similar to when we learn our mother tongue in our childhood; we learn how to talk- through practicing with our parents in our family environment- even before we enter school. At school we start learning to read and write the language we acquired as children from our environment. With us you will start with proper speaking practice that doesn’t get you tangled up in grammar and sentence structure or useless translation.

Our Method’s Successful Learning Process Steps:

Interactive lessons help you learn vocabulary and pronunciation by viewing real-life situations in a fun multi-media format. You develop speaking skills by listening and repeating vocabulary learned in the lessons. This portion of our method can be done in the Wall Street English centers or from any other convenient location with a secured internet connection.

trainees complete a Lesson in the Speaking Center they are required to finish the corresponding Lesson in their Student Manual which helps them to consolidate newly learned information and further practice the target language they have acquired in the Speaking Center. Reading and writing exercises in the book are designed to develop vocabulary, grammar, and function in context.

The Trainees can complete the exercises in the center where they can have the support of a personal trainer, or at home.

The next step is the core component of our blended learning method; it is small trainer led classes called Encounters. Encounters have no more than 2 to 3 trainees who are all at the same learning level, so you can feel comfortable practicing your new language skills. Encounters are led by a native English-speaking trainer, who can help you with proper pronunciation. Once you complete the Encounter, you move on to the next Interactive Lesson.

We also offer additional Complementary Classes to help you practice your English in improvised dialogues in small size classes with trainees who are all at the same learning level. These classes are held on a wide variety of current topics and are taught by our highly qualified trainers.

We offer an active Social Club, which hosts many English only activities that are designed to take you on an immersion experience with the language. Social clubs host game nights, movie nights and even weekend English Only trips to fun destinations. The purpose is to get you speaking and practicing English in a safe, fun environment.

You can also connect with Wall Street English trainees and alumni across the world in our Online Community, a place where you can get additional practice, meet and chat with other learners across the world, write blogs and articles in English, and get English and study tips. It is a great way to meet new people and surround yourself with English.

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