Why to Choose Wall Street English ?

Many institutes teach English, however Wall Street English has its own innovative methodology that it is renowned for.
We combine global experience and an effective method that guarantees impressive results. Our programs have proven that English language proficiency is easier than most people think; we address the weaknesses of the trainees through specialized programs that focus on developing listening and speaking, reading and writing skills. Therefore we are keen to provide:

Whenever you are ready to begin your English learning journey, you will find our staff ready to provide proper guidance according to your needs. At Wall Street English, class sizes are kept small, maximum 4 students per class. Our homogeneous grouping of students enables you to enjoy learning English with your peers and experience speaking confidently without feeling isolated and embarrassed.

With us you will learn English language from its origins, and use it in all conversations correctly because we are keen to hire highly trained native English-speaking trainers who are certified and have CELTA and TESOL certificates.

We guarantee that from the moment you step into our centers you will be surrounded by English language to experience living and learning English without relying on boring and useless memorizing.
There are Also field trips for our trainees that are managed by our qualified trainers. These trips are designed to further give students the opportunity to use their language outside the classroom.

We have courses to meet the needs of all learners, from the very beginner to advanced learners. You will start after the free assessment that determines your suitable level. You will learn to use English in professional situations as part of your study at Wall Street English.

Our levels are aligned to global standard of English so you can feel confident that the English you are learning is based on international standards in language education. We use the best educational styles and combine them in a Blended Learning Method to maximize your ability to learn the language.

Our program fits into your busy life. You can start your journey to learn English when the time is right for you, any time of year. You can also change your weekly to suit your pace of life.

Why should I choose Wall Street English to learn English in WS?

Having successfully taught over 2 million students worldwide, Wall Street English is committed to global education, and continues to be the international brand of choice in English language education for adults. Wall Street English currently has:

Why study at wallstreet english?

  • 450+ Centers Worldwide
  • 40+ Years of Experience
  • 2+ Million Successful Students
  • Centers in 28+ Countries
  • 1 Unique Method of Learning

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