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English for College and University Students

Say Yes to academic success with English


For young people today, there are many opportunities available in terms of education. Hundreds of universities and colleges around the world are offering courses in English where English is not the native language, and thousands of students are moving abroad to take advantage of this. But to do so, you need to have a good command of the language.


  • Is your English good enough to enable you to study abroad?
  • Are you looking for a course that can help prepare you?


Wall Street English is the ideal place for young learners to improve their English.

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Say Yes to better career prospects with English. Advanced English speakers are 2x as positive about their career prospects than non-speakers.

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Flexible – Learning tailored for you

Finding time to learn English for a school or college student can be very tricky. You have exams to prepare for, projects to complete, and probably other hobbies that fill up any spare time. So you need to find a course that can fit into your busy timetable.

At Wall Street English you can study whenever and wherever you want, and adapt your study rhythm to match your academic schedule. The course is completely personalised and flexible, and even if you miss a lesson – for whatever reason – you can simply rebook it without losing anything.



Say Yes to the Future: 73% of people believe that the English language will become more important over the next 5 years.


Global English Language Report




Practical skills and real-life learning

When you study your university subject in English, the most important language skills you need are listening (for example, when you listen to a lecture) and speaking (when you ask questions, take part in group discussions, and take oral exams).

At Wall Street English these are the two skills our method focuses on most.

Find out more on Our Method page


The Best IELTS and TOEFL Preparation


Many universities require students to have a certificate in order to access their degree course.

At Wall Street English you can firstly reach the general level of English you need, and then do a special exam preparation course specifically for the exam. We prepare students for IELTS, TOEFL and TOEIC.

Our levels are aligned with those of the CEFR (Common European Framework) that enables us to help students identify exactly the position they are in and where they need to get to.

We also provide all of our students with a Wall Street English certificate at the end of the course to demonstrate the final level reached.

A Superior Support Structure


Throughout your course at Wall Street English, you receive the guidance and support of experienced teachers as well as your personal tutor and the other members of your center’s staff.

You also get continual and immediate feedback during the online lessons to see your success and understand where you need to improve.

Find out more about what you learn at Wall Street English on our English Courses page.


Fun and Engaging


Having fun while learning is not only an extra plus in a course, it’s an essential ingredient in helping you to learn. If you enjoy a lesson or a social activity you take part in, you’ll remember what you learnt and you’ll also be more motivated to carry on studying. Our minds are much more receptive when we’re engaged and enjoying an activity.

Our interactive activities consist of a wide range of fun games and quizzes that you can do whenever you have spare time. The lessons with teachers consist of small classes (normally 2 or 3 people) and are based on speaking activities.

Improve your academic career with Wall Street English


Learning to speak English opens many doors, not only to your academic future but also to your professional career.

You can change your future with Wall Street English whether it is by learning English to study at home or abroad.

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