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Help Your Child Learn English

The Right Choice for your Child


As a parent, you want to give your child the very best start to their future as possible. An important part of a child’s future today is being able to speak English. Most schools and colleges try to teach young people English but trying to succeed using traditional methods and big classes isn’t easy. So what other options do you have as a parent to help your child learn English? What is an effective and fun way for young adults to learn English?

Help Your Child Learn English Now

Find out the best way for your child to learn English

Say Yes to a better future for your child with English.
Half of English speakers reported seeing a 25% earnings boost on average because of learning English.

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What do you need to find in an English course?

In order for your child to learn English successfully, there are three main characteristics the course must have:

  1. Engaging – if something is fun and interesting, you pay attention and learn. And with children this is even more true than with adults.
  2. Flexible – your child probably has a busy school life, and might also do a sport or hobby, so it can be tricky fitting in other activities. An English course has to be flexible to fit in with your needs.
  3. Practical – children typically study grammar rules and vocabulary lists at school. What they really need is the chance to speak and listen to English.



Bilingual children learn faster and easier, have improved problem solving skills and creativity, and have more career opportunities in adulthood.


Say Yes to a better future for your child with Wall Street English




What solutions does Wall Street English offer?

With over 47 years of experience in teaching languages, Wall Street English has the knowledge and understanding of what your child needs to be successful in their learning. Our method is built on these three key elements described above. How does it work?

  • It’s fun! Children, as well as adults, enjoy studying with our method because it is based on a variety of activities – from multimedia lessons to small teacher-led classes.
  • Wherever and whenever you want. Thanks to our online platform, students can study and practice wherever they are at any time that suits them, using any device. Teacher-led lessons can also be booked online and can be done on a day and time of your choice, changing week by week according to your availability.
  • It’s effective! While some courses focus on reading and writing and studying endless grammar rules, at Wall Street English your child learns by listening and speaking, from the very first level on. And the language young adults learn is the everyday English people around the world use today.

Find out more about how your child can learn English on Our Method page.


Get Certificates


Another important benefit Wall Street English has to offer young people is the chance to do exam preparation courses for the most important certificates required by universities and companies.

These include IELTS, TOEFL and TOEIC.

Find out more about our Exam Preparation Courses.

How does it work?


The core course at Wall Street English is based on a natural acquisition cycle of learning. Just as you learned your native language, your child starts by listening, then they copy and practice sounds through speaking, then your child will produce words and phrases in context, learning through trial and error.


  • Every online lesson is based on a fun video story, giving students the chance to hear and be exposed to new language.
  • This is followed by a series of speaking exercises and quizzes to enable your child to acquire naturally the new words and phrases.
  • At the end of the cycle, students practice and produce the language they have acquired with a teacher and two or three other students.


Your kids can also do complementary classes with a small group of students from their level. Plus there are social activities organized by the center every month which can include parties, quiz nights, and even trips to local museums and events.


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Giving your child the opportunity to learn English is an amazing gift because it opens so many new doors to their future academic and professional career.

By choosing Wall Street English, you have the guarantee that the time and energy your child invests in learning will pay off.


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Help Your Child Learn English with Wall Street English


Learning to speak English opens many doors, not only to your child’s academic future but also to their professional career.

You can change their future with Wall Street English.

Help Your Child Learn English Now