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Our Learning Method,
Now 100% Online

How You Will Learn

01  Study

  • Learn English by watching our engaging TV series and listening and repeating with our role play conversations.
  • Complete interactive exercises and get immediate feedback with automatic speech recognition built into the lessons.
  • Improve your reading and writing skills with interactive digital workbooks. Study on any device including your mobile and get homework assignments from your teacher

02  Practice

  • Practice your English with a personal Coach. Our ‘one-to-one’ video conference coaching sessions will make sure you continue learning.
  • Online Conversation Classes with a larger group of other students are led by a teacher to make sure that you can practice using the language you’ve learnt and communicate with real people.
  • Continue studying and revise the most important topics with extra practice activities focused on English grammar and vocabulary

03  Speak

  • Use your English speaking skills in small classes with a maximum 3 other students that you can book online when you are ready
  • Our custom-made digital classroom has built-in materials, a chat and ‘breakout’ groups for role plays. It’s just like being in a real English Class!
  • Our highly-qualified teachers are here to validate your learning and give you personalized feedback

Meet Your Team

Our teachers and personal coaches are here to help you.

Through your one-to-one classes and coaching sessions they make sure you make progress and stay motivated.

Meet Your Personal Coach

  • Your personal Coach is here to support you
  • They are always available to help you with learning
  • They can answer any questions you have about English

Meet Your English Teacher

  • Your teacher is a highly-qualified, native-level English expert
  • They are focused on making sure you know how to use English
  • The teacher helps you really learn to speak English

What Happens Next?

You will…

Speak to an Educational Consultant, who will:

  • Ask you questions to find out your goals with English
  • Give you a level test to assess your starting level
  • Create a personalized course plan to achieve your goals


Then you will:

  • Join a ‘one-to-one’ digital welcome session
  • Start learning English!