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Do not pay for classes! Pay for the result!

The price of the English language courses Wall Street English depends not on the number of sessions conducted and time frames, but on your aspirations and results. Our specialists make sure that you reach the set goals for the price that was previously indicated.

Choose the Right Plan for You

All Course Plans Include:

100% Online

Anytime, Anywhere

  • Guaranteed learning with the Wall Street English method via our digital classroom, with online follow-up and complementary and social activities.

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Full Access

Ideal Mix

  • Complete flexibility to study both online and in-center with full support from our teachers and coaches

Learn more about our prices

How do we determine the price for the course?

1. We analyze your language level

The first step is passing the test to the level of English. Testing, which is used in Wall Street English, meets all the requirements of international assessment systems. Further, our consultant comments on your results and indicates the strengths, as well as the points you need to work on.

2. Your goals and time opportunities

A personal consultant discusses with students their goals and aspirations, and then creates a training program that matches the schedule and requests of students.

3. Curriculum and pricing policy

After analyzing all the information, our specialists designate a specific price and make a clear plan for classes. It will help you (at least!) Within a set period to achieve the desired result.

What are you getting:

Maximum flexibility

Plan the training program according to your schedule, the appropriate pace and goals. Do not forget about leisure activities!

Mini groups: an average of 4 students

In Wall Street English, students speak more than teachers. Learn to apply English in practice with us!

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Our training centers

In our training centers you will find a fascinating experience of a full immersion in the English-speaking environment.

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