We must keep abreast of changes and new developments that occur around us, to develop our skills and individual talents in various fields and understand things better and differently. It is no secret that nowadays, the whole world is revolving around the English language, the official language of many countries as well as a second language for most of the world. English is no longer just a desired skill, but now also a necessity for those who strive to become better versions of themselves.

Effective language learning reflects positively on people – they acquire linguistic, managerial and educational skills, their self-esteem and self-confidence are given a boost, and their ability to connect and communicate with different people substantially increases.

English proficiency opens doors for better work and education opportunities. For instance, employers who use English as a communication medium in their companies and in their staff training would rather hire applicants who are English-proficient than those who are not.

University applicants who maintain a high level of English have greater chances of receiving scholarships abroad or being accepted in prestigious international universities, which look for proficiency when considering students for admission.

Ultimately, English is the language of instruction in most universities, even Arab ones, where most courses are taught in English. It is the official language of scientific, academic, economic and political conferences and in cases where it isn’t, translation into other languages happens through English.

There is no doubt that English is the language of global communication, whether in science, medicine, trade, tourism or any other major industry. This is proof of its importance in our lives.

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